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The Dos & Donts of Storing Gas Cylinders

The handling and storage of gas cylinders are incredibly important in work settings to maintain health and safety standards that are required by law. Specifically, gas cylinders must be handled and stored in accordance with the Manual Handling Regulations 1992.

Gas cylinders are filled with gas which is held under high pressure, this is why they must be stored with appropriate cylinder storage solutions. They pose a high level of risk and serious injuries to employees in the workplace if stored incorrectly.

There are at least 10 cylinder storage solutions available, but these, of course, do depend on other environmental and working factors. Fire rated cylinder storage cabinets are quite popular for gas cylinders to be stored inside warehouses and factories, whereas solid gas cylinder cages are most likely stored outside, for example.

Are you familiar with the do’s and don’t’s of storing gas cylinders? See our list below to refresh your memory.

The Do’s of Storing Gas Cylinders

• Use protective clothing and footwear when handling cylinders
• Use suitable equipment such as trolleys and mobile storage cages to move large cylinders
• Clean up spillages immediately to prevent slipping hazards and injuries
• Store and secure the cylinder in an upright position
• Ensure the protective valve cap is in place when a cylinder is not in use
• Open valves slowly and carefully
• Store full cylinders in a separate area away from cylinders in use
• Return all of the empty cylinders to the supplier you purchased them from
• Keep grease and oil away from oxygen cylinders as this can ignite spontaneously

The Don’t’s of Storing Gas Cylinders

the donts of gas cylinder storage
• Connect gas cylinders to any equipment other than the primary regulator
• Oil or grease cylinder valves
• Permit sparks or flames near the cylinders
• Place cylinders on uneven surfaces that would lead them to fall and cause damage
• Lift or carry cylinders above chest height, or more than 25kg in weight
• Store cylinders when they could come into contact with water
• Store cylinders next to heat sources
• Unscrew the valve fittings on the cylinder
• Roll cylinders horizontally on the floor
• Ignore the smell of gas – this may cause suffocation or lead to a fire

The Appropriate Gas Cylinder Storage Solutions

Cylinder trolleys – many cylinder trolleys can carry up to 2 gas cylinders. They are extremely useful in the transportation of gas cylinders and are used in a wide range of factories and warehouses across the nation.

Cylinder wall / floor stands – wall and floor stands are easy to assemble and install in the workplace, many of which can store multiple gas cylinders at once.

Gas bottle storage cages – storage cages for gas cylinders are able to safely secure multiple gas cylinders. Made from strong and durable construction, they are effective in protecting and storing gas cylinders. Mesh cages, in particular, can be supplied with solid rooves. They are available in a hot-dipped galvanised finish which is ideal for external use, as this provides weather protection against rusting.

When it comes to storing gas cylinders, it requires training, focus, and precision. Because the cylinders contain certain chemicals, they can cause significant damage if mishandled. Please take our do’s and don’t’s guide very seriously, if you require assistance in choosing the right storage solution for you and your business then please get in touch with us.

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