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Gas Cylinder Storage Guide

Gas cylinders can pose serious threats if they are not stored properly. Flammable and toxic substances must be stored in suitable storage solutions in order to comply with regulations set out in the workplace.

HSE, also known as Health Safety Executive, provides a technical measures document that covers handling and storage guidelines of such substances in drums and cylinders. It refers to relevant codes of practice and standards for those who are required to be familiar with it.

Workplaces should also comply with BCGA (British Compressed Gases Association) and their code of practice in regards to gas cylinders and storage.

What Is A Gas Cylinder?

This might be an obvious question, but many are unable to form a correct answer! Ultimately, a gas cylinder is a pressure vessel for storing gases under high pressures. The gas cylinders are usually made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium or composite bottles.

Types of Gas Cylinder Storage

Gas cylinder cages and storage cabinets offer a versatile and durable solution in ensuring the safe handling of gas cylinders. There are many different types of gas cylinder cages, stands and cabinets which means choosing the right storage solution depends on what type of workforce you have and the setting you are in.

fire rated gas cylinder cabinetFire rated gas cylinder cabinets – Fire resistant gas cylinder cabinets should be certified to EN 14470-1/2 standard and they are available with a 30-minute fire rating or 90-minute fire rating. These types of fire rated gas cylinder cabinets are used for inside buildings and to increase the safety of the workplace. With mounting rails, cylinder holders and tension straps, it makes gas cylinder storage even more secure.

Gas bottle storage cages – Gas bottle storage cages are most effective and beneficial if you’re looking to stock a large amount of gas cylinders. Gas bottle cages are commonly found on site premises, and they offer quick and easy access whilst remaining safe and secure. They are available in a variety of different sizes to meet any type of requirements.

gas cylinder standsGas cylinder standsGas cylinder stands are ideal for the safe storage of gas cylinders in the workplace. They are able to maximise space, whilst minimising the risk of workplace accidents and injuries. When deciding on the right type of gas cylinder stand, it’s important to take into consideration work space, the number of gas cylinders you’ll be storing and exactly where you’d like to store them.

There are gas cylinder floor stands available, cylinder wall brackets and cylinder pallet cages to name a few – all of which serve one purpose to keep the workplace and the people in it safe!

Solid gas cylinder cabinetsSolid gas cylinder cabinets meet the needs of workplaces where they want to safely secure gas cylinders but also keep them out of sight. They are built from heavy gauge galvanised steel panels, so it’s durability and effectiveness is no question. Solid gas cylinder cabinets are able to store up to 2 or 4 gas bottles.

How To Choose The Best Gas Cylinder Storage Solution?

There are a few questions you should take into consideration before choosing a storage solution for gas bottles. It’s not a decision to be made lightly as it contributes to the overall health and safety of the workplace, so you should be asking yourself:

How many gas cylinder bottles will I be storing?
What are the size of the bottles, small, large, a mixture?
Where will I be storing the gas cylinder bottles?
Do I want them hidden or not?
Do they comply to all regulations relating to the workplace and safe storage?

We hope this article has added to your knowledge on gas bottle storage and helps with your overall decision on which solution would best meet your needs. If you require assistance in choosing the right gas cylinder storage solution for your workplace, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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